Opening hours:
Weekdays 10.00 — 17.00
Weekends 09.00 — 17.00
Monday – off day
Almaty city, 640 B Gornaya street, -1 floor of complex building

Our experts will help you to prepare the equipment for new achievements. And quickly put into shape blunted edges and lubricate the sliding surface for a new level of your possibilities.




Sharpening of edges on the machine (lateral surface) 6000 tg 7000 tg
Wax coating of the sliding surface 2000 tg 3000 tg
Tightening, adjustment of bindings 700 tg 700 tg
Removal of old wax 1500 tg 2000 tg
Assembly of bindings 3500 tg 2500 tg
Minor repair of bindings 2000 tg 2000 tg
Minor repair of boots 2000 tg 2000 tg
Disassembly of bindings 1000 tg 1000 tg
Complex repair of sliding surface and/or edges 7000 tg 9000 tg
Fitting of poles (shortening) 1500 tg
Final finishing with diamond file 2000 tg 2000 tg